Topical boiling in!! Ox Tong & Lamb & Pork Shabu & Grand Menu Up to 54 items All-you-can-eat plan 【2 hours 3480 yen】

Topical boiling in!! Ox Tong & Lamb & Pork Shabu & Grand Menu Up to 54 items All-you-can-eat plan 【2 hours 3480 yen】

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  • 54items
  • 250persons

The main beef tongue & ram & pork shabu-shabu 3 kinds of all-you-can-eat as well as all-you-can-eat caesar salad, carpaccio, salted roe and salt mackerel Ahijyo, yuzu pepper flavor, amami noodles, egg kettles, French toast etc. As much as you like 51 kinds of grand menu ♪ + 1000 yen premium drinks as well as all you can add OK !! Meal, banquet, drinking party, New Year party, date, girls' association, family, ☆ It is recommended for various occasions ☆

Course menu

(Nabe): Beef Tongue Shabu & Lamb Shabu & Pork Shabu

(Soup stock): Japanese style juice, chin depot, chicken, tomato, sukiyaki, sesame soy milk

(Sauce): Ponzu and sandalwood

(Additional): Pig (rose · rose · whey pork rose) or Lamb meat, vegetable serving, chopped vegetables, rice cooker set, udon

(Instant vegetables): Edamame, Tataki Cucumber (Salted, Konbu Salt, Ume Salt, Akuta Mayo)

Addictive salt cabbage, chilled tomatoes, chilled guy, changer, stiffness

Children konjak koji miso sauce

(Cold dish): potato salad ~ plentiful cone dressing ~, Caesar salad of hot spring egg

Crispy Oshikara Salad ~ Yuzu Miso Dressing ~, Salad of Beef Tip ~ Salad Dressing ~

Softly steamed chicken salad ~ sesame dressing ~

(Fresh fish): Salmon sashimi, Kanpachi sashimi, Sea bream sashimi, Salmon carpaccio

Carpaccio with Yuzu scent Kanpachi, Sea bream carpaccio

(Iron plate): iron plate omelets, iron plate rolled soup roll ~ Sorrow sauce ~, iron plate hot cone butter,

Iron plate Hokuhoku potato ~ Akuta sauce ~, iron plate pig ginger roasted, iron plate soy meat steak, iron plate chicken steak

(Popular): salt sand and konjac konnyaku salt koji ahijyo, salt rose and mushroom salt millet Ahijo

Salt of chicken and konjac koji Ahijo

(Warm): Pork belly soft boiled, deep-fried tofu, boiled sausage

(Fried): secret! Fried deep-fried yuzu pepper, fried potatoes, deep fried squid, cheese fried

Deep-fried cartilage, fried octopus fried, fried Takoyaki,

(Rice): Soup pickled pickles (salmon and plum, kelp and plum), Amami style tsukemen, Egg rice cooked rice

(Separate belly): French toast, Warabi mochi and vanilla ice, ice (vanilla / black sesame), warm chocolate banana and ice

※ Dessert will be limited to 1 item per person.

※ You can choose 2 soups.

* All you can drink for 2 hours at +1000 yen (30 minutes before LO)

※ If you are drinking separately, you will be ordering one drink.

※ All you can eat is 2 hours (LO 50 minutes in advance)

※ Friday, Sunday and public holiday will receive +500 yen.


◆ [+1000 yen] all-you-can-drink "S Plan"

(Draft beer / cocktail / sour / casual beer)

(High ball / rich high ball / wine / plum wine)

(Wine / sake / flavor shochu / shochu)

(Non alcohol / soft drink)

Coupon that can be used

  • ★ Birthday surprise benefits ★
    First-come, first-served basis only !! With message "Special dessert plate" gift!

    • Presentation conditions
      Necessary reservation (consultation required on the day) / can not be combined with other tickets
    • Conditions of use

      First-come, first-served basis only / 2 people ~ / + Changeable to hole cake at / 1000 yen /

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of May, 2018

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