Topical boiling in!! Ox Tong & Lamb & Pork Shabu & Grand Menu Up to 54 items All-you-can-eat plan 【2 hours 3480 yen】

Topical boiling in!! Ox Tong & Lamb & Pork Shabu & Grand Menu Up to 54 items All-you-can-eat plan 【2 hours 3480 yen】

3480 yen

Regular price 4500 yen ⇒ Special price 3480 yen (excluding tax)

The main beef tongue & ram & pork shabu-shabu 3 kinds of all-you-can-eat as well as all you can eat, Caesar salad, carpaccio, salt rose and mushroom salt ahijyo, yuzu pepper flavor, amami noodles, egg kettle, French toast etc. As much as you like 51 kinds of grand menu ♪ + 1000 yen premium drinks as well as all you can add OK !! Meal, banquet, drinking party, year-end party, date, girls' association, family, ☆ It is recommended for various occasions ☆


(Nabe): Beef Tongue Shabu & Lamb Shabu & Pork Shabu

(Soup stock): Japanese style juice, chin depot, chicken, tomato, sukiyaki, sesame soy milk

(Sauce): Ponzu and sandalwood

(Additional): Pork (rose · rose · whey pork roses) or Lamb meat, vegetable serving, chopped vegetables, rice cooker set, udon

(Instant vegetables): Edamame, Tataki Cucumber (Salted, Konbu Salt, Ume Salt, Akuta Mayo)

Addictive salt cabbage, chilled tomatoes, chilled guy, changer, stiffness

Children konjak koji miso sauce

(Cold dish): potato salad ~ plentiful cone dressing ~, Caesar salad of hot spring egg

Crispy Oshikara Salad ~ Yuzu Miso Dressing ~, Salad of Beef Tip ~ Salad Dressing ~

Softly steamed chicken salad ~ sesame dressing ~

(Fresh fish): Salmon sashimi, Kanpachi sashimi, Sea bream sashimi, Salmon carpaccio

Carpaccio with Yuzu scent Kanpachi, Sea bream carpaccio

(Iron plate): iron plate omelets, iron plate rolled soup roll ~ Sorrow sauce ~, iron plate hot cone butter,

Iron plate Hokuhoku potato ~ Akuta sauce ~, iron plate pig ginger roasted, iron plate soy meat steak, iron plate chicken steak

(Popular): salt sand and konjac konnyaku salt koji ahijyo, salt rose and mushroom salt millet Ahijo

Salt of chicken and konjac koji Ahijo

(Warm): Pork belly soft boiled, deep-fried tofu, boiled sausage

(Fried): secret! Fried deep-fried yuzu pepper, fried potatoes, deep fried squid, cheese fried

Deep-fried cartilage, fried octopus fried, fried Takoyaki,

(Rice): Soup pickled pickles (salmon and plum, kelp and plum), Amami style tsukemen, Egg rice cooked rice

(Separate belly): French toast, Warabi mochi and vanilla ice, ice (vanilla / black sesame), warm chocolate banana and ice

※ Dessert will be limited to 1 item per person.

※ You can choose 2 soups.

* All you can drink for 2 hours at +1000 yen (30 minutes before LO)

※ If you are drinking separately, you will be ordering one drink.

※ All you can eat is 2 hours (LO 50 minutes in advance)

※ Friday, Sunday and public holiday will receive +500 yen.


◆ [+1000 yen] all-you-can-drink "S Plan"

(Draft beer / cocktail / sour / casual beer)

(High ball / rich high ball / wine / plum wine)

(Wine / sake / flavor shochu / shochu)

(Non alcohol / soft drink)