'Standard Banquet' Mug with Pig Shabu! ___ 3 hours drink on request ___ 9 3400 yen for banquet / farewell reception

'Standard Banquet' Mug with Pig Shabu! ___ 3 hours drink on request ___ 9 3400 yen for banquet / farewell reception

By using a coupon3480 yen

Regular price 4500 yen ⇒ Special price 3480 yen (excluding tax)

"All-you-can-drink 3 hours" The chefs examine the ingredients, full of dishes sticking to burning and seasoning! Full of melting pork shabu-shabu (or stir-fried pork and cabbage), tailored duck meat bruschetta, Caesar Salad, secret chinese fried yuzu pepper flavor, teppany omelet ~ Akuta Mayo ~, dessert etc. ♪ All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat is relaxing 3 hours! It is recommended for various banquets and farewell reception!


【1 item】 Assorted fresh fish sashimi 2 varieties

【2 items】 Caesar salad which is popular anyhow

【3 items】 tailoring duck meat bruschetta

【4 items】 Secret karate fried yuzu pepper flavor

【5 items】 Hot fat fried Takoyaki

【6 items】 iron plate omelette Akuta Mayo

[7] item choose main

◆ Melting pig's shabu shabu

◇ stir-fried pork and cabbage

【8 items】 December

◆ udon or rice cook (in the case of pig shabu)

◇ Exquisite egg fried rice fried (in case of stir-frying) ※

[9 items] Today's dessert

※ Stir-fried pork and cabbage spicy and delicious egg fried rice will be served from 3/1.

※ content by purchasing the situation might be different.

※ The photograph is an image.


◆ [Free all-you-can-drink "A Plan"

(Clear asahi / sour / casual beer / high ball / cocktail)

(Japanese sake / plum wine / flavor shochu / shochu / wine / soft drink)

◆ [+500 yen] all you can drink "S Plan"

(Draft beer / liquor / rich high ball / freezing high ball)

(Non-alcohol etc.)


◎ course of your description ◎

※ This course is all-you-can-drink 3-hour system

※ Friday, Saturday, and public holiday will be 2 hours, and + 500 yen.

※ There is the case that the contents are subject to change by buying situation

※ As for cancellation fee for the number of people on the day, please be forewarned as it may occur.

Coupon that can be used

  • ★ Birthday surprise benefits ★
    First-come, first-served basis only !! With message "Special dessert plate" gift!

    • Presentation conditions
      Necessary reservation (consultation required on the day) / can not be combined with other tickets
    • Conditions of use

      First-come, first-served basis only / 2 people ~ / + Changeable to hole cake at / 1000 yen /

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018
  • ★ Secretary-sama must-see! Banquet privilege ★
    Up to 2 people free of reservation for a course of over 8 people ♪

    • Presentation conditions
      When booking and visiting during the accounting at the time presented not
    • Conditions of use

      8 people or more ⇒ Free for 1 person ≥ 16 people ⇒ Free for 2 people / Course usage over 3480 yen Limited time / Not valid with other tickets

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018