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【Affordable price × all you can eat】 All you can eat sweet shabu melon ♪ 【2 hours 1980 yen】

【Affordable price × all you can eat】 All you can eat sweet shabu melon ♪ 【2 hours 1980 yen】

By using a coupon1980 yen

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Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 22:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

As much as you like ♪ pork shabu that you can melt, it is Japanese style and you can enjoy it with 2 kinds of your choice from Tige, Sukiyaki, Sesame Soy Milk.It is possible to add premium all-you-can-eat at +1000 yen ◎ It is recommended for various occasions ☆ meal, party, drinking party, farewell party, dating, girls' association, family, ☆ Now 6 kinds of topical lamb shabu in Tokyo Please enjoy with the special soup stock you can choose from 2!

Course menu

(Pan): beef tongue · pork shabu

(Soup stock): Japanese style soup stock, jige, sukiyaki, sesame soy milk

(Sorely): Ponzu

(Additional): beef tongue, pig rose, vegetable set, rice cooker set, udon

※ You can choose 2 soups.

You can add 2 hour drinks as plus 1000 yen (30 minutes before LO)

※ If you are drinking separately, you will be ordering one drink.

※ All you can eat is 2 hours (LO 50 minutes in advance)

※ First-come, first-served basis only 5 people

※ content by purchasing the situation might be different.


◆ You can add "S plan" as all you can drink with 【+1000 yen】 ◆

(Super Dry / Clear Asahi / Sour / Wine

Cocktail / Highball · Rich Highball

Wine / Sangria / Sake / Shochu / Flavor Shochu

Soft drink)


◆ ...... ····· about this course ····· ...... ◆

- we hear from two people.

· Five pairs of first come first served

· 2 hour free all-you-can-eat (LO 50 minutes in advance)

· 2 hours drink with unlimited (LO30 minutes ago)

· Reservation required on the previous day

· WEB reservation even in a non-correspondence of the day, there are times when your compatible if you can call us.

- Since you change the course content and the amount of money each month, you might be allowed to adjust by return your phone for the previous reservation more than a month.

• For the day of the number of people change, because there are times when the cancellation fee will occur, please understand beforehand.

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